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6 nifty bathroom renovation ideas that you can consider this 2020

While the year has not ended yet, there are already bathroom renovation ideas that will make your home on trend for 2020. From the small fixtures, like taps and sinks, to the big components, like tubs and showers, there is already a plethora of ideas that you can get inspiration from if you want to give your bathroom a facelift next year. With the help of a team of remodelling experts, like the one at http://thebathroomco.com.au/, you can turn these ideas a reality and then enjoy a space the feels entirely new and refreshing.






1. Go for a bolder and darker style


While grey has been popular in bathrooms in the previous years, it is observed that black has become better! According to designers, darker tones are starting to go full throttle and would continue to gain popularity next year.


The trend is observed to be popular in mirrors, vanities, lightings, and other fixtures.


2. Replace your fixtures with smart ones


Of course, you have probably heard about smart toilets, which are made popular by Japanese manufacturers. However, bathrooms have even got a high-tech upgrade.


Aside from smart toilets, you can now also get smart showers, voice-activated lighting and temperature controls, automatic sinks, and mini fridges. Installing these fixtures in your new bathroom will make your “me” time more convenient, comfortable, and enjoyable.


3. Choose brass and gold


While black is definitely something new, brass and gold are not. They are just predicted to come back.


This means you will see more sinks, toilets, taps, showers, and other bathroom fixtures coated in brass and gold once again. Not only that these fixtures add warmth to a space, but they also make it feel luxurious.


4. Install industrial-styled vanities and sinks


This style may not be for everyone, but it will be perfect for modern bathrooms. With the help of experts, like those at http://thebathroomco.com.au/, you can achieve this style by incorporating funky tile patterns, metal finishes, and wooden accents into your bathroom.


Moreover, the industrial style can also go well with brass and gold, as well as matte black.


5. Go for big tubs and showers


As you remodel your bathroom, you should also keep space expansion in mind. In fact, your number one reason you undertake this project is to maximise space.


When you already have more space, you will also have the opportunity to install those big tubs and showers that you always wanted.


6. Add compact storage solutions


With a big tub and a big shower, it does not make sense to incorporate bulky storage cabinets. This is where compact storage solutions come in.


For example, you can choose to install hidden cabinets and modern wall shelves. These furnishings will not take up space. Instead, they keep your bathroom organised and make the entire space look uncluttered.


Remodel your bathroom with the experts at the Bathroom Co.


With all these ideas, you are ready for your bathroom renovation next year. However, to ensure you get the results that you really want, you should find a team of remodellers to do the renovation for you.


On that note, you should contact the Bathroom Co. They are a qualified team of designers and tradespeople who can help you achieve maximum bliss by considering all that you want and put them into your new bathroom. Whether you are chasing after a glamorous, chic, or a luxurious design, they will see to it that you get your ideal space.


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