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Cat Care for Newly Adopted Grown Felines

Cats are nice pets to have as housemates. However, grown adopted felines need special attention than those that were taken in as kittens. The post-adoption stage will always be a process for both you and your adopted pet. Before you even take them to a cat grooming Queanbeyan shop, take time to know the proper care for adopted grown cats.

Unlike kittens, your new house buddy will take more time getting used to the changes in its environment. Yet, if given the right amount of love and care, it can easily adapt in no time.

Here are some cat care tips that you will need when adopting grown felines:

Give Them Time to Adjust

As what was said above, grown cats take a while to adjust to its new home. Do not force your cat to immediately warm up to you. It may take some days for them to get rid of their old routine and develop a new one under your roof.

The same goes for its eating, drinking, and grooming pattern. If the feline is not used to the Queanbeyan cat grooming service you are taking it to, they might feel scared or intimidated at first. Ease them into the changes. Allow them to transition to their new life at their own pace.

You should also avoid leaving your cat alone for too long by itself. It will be easier for them to warm up to you when you play with them frequently or when they see you most of the time. The last thing you want is for them to feel abandoned just as you just took them in.

Take Them to the Vet

If you are unsure of the medical history of your new cat, it is safer for you to take them to the vet. Not only will you get the peace of mind that they are in the best shape, you also become aware of their current health condition. This way, you get to know the best diet for your pet as well. Aside from that, you should also ask the Vet if the cat is up to date with all of its vaccine. See more here PURR

From the Vet’s clinic, you can then take them for a cat grooming in Queanbeyan to get rid of any possible ticks on their fur. Make your pet feel better health and look wise. If you’re unsure about the right grooming shop, you can simply search for the best Queanbeyan cat grooming service online. There are cat hotels as well such as Purr Luxery Cat Hotel which offers grooming and boarding for pets.

Spend Time With the Cat

The best way for the cat to get used to you is by bonding with them. Spending time with your new buddy will make them feel your love and care for them. Taking them to a cat grooming Queanbeyan shop is just one way to express your care.

Actually playing with them or scratching them will make them appreciate you more. You can also introduce them to your friends and family so they can warm up to them as well.

Adopting a cat is always an exciting experience. From taking them to their first cat grooming Queanbeyan session to playing with them the whole day, there are many special things to look forward to. Take care of your new friend better using the tips mentioned above.