Get a Designer Engagement Ring to Start a New Beginning

Recently when Kate Upton revealed about her engagement with her boyfriend Justin Verlander, the talk of the engagement was her dazzling designer engagements ring. According to experts, the diamond ring had a round, eight carat diamond that was set in six- prong setting. Undoubtedly, it was one of the costliest designer engagement rings until now.

When you too are planning to get engaged, you may also dream about getting such engagement rings. However, is it always possible to make all dreams come true? Even if you cannot afford such costly engagement rings, you can look for designer engagement rings. You will find that there are so many other options that will be great for her, and you too will feel proud. Engagement rings are meant for capturing happy moments in stone, and if you look at the varieties, you too will agree with that.

The Charismatic Cluster

There are different types of engagement rings and among them the most appealing ones last year were the charismatic cluster. They have great aesthetics and at the same time the innumerable angles with floral accents make them eye-catching. Such a ring was offered by fiancé of former twilight actress Nikki Reid, and she happily accepted it. This type of ring has classic elegance attached to it and is very much in fashion these days.

While you choose a perfect ring for your fiancé, you do not have to go by something that the actors choose. There are different styles that have various settings, stones and shapes that will surely help you choose one that is perfect for her!

Gemstone Grace

Another engagement ring that has been in trend is the gemstone ring. These rings are designed with various gemstones that add color to your ring. These rings have one-of-a-kind  appeal that makes your proposal more romantic. They are designed in such a way that if both diamond and colored gemstones are used for making the ring, they maintain their own appeal thereby increasing the overall look of the ring.

If you want to stand out from the crowd and show your fiancé how special is her entry in your life, there is no doubt these rings will help you do so. You can choose among varieties  that will match your requirement. Check out Dan Hadley Adelaide

Romantic Rose Gold

The name of the ring itself tells you about its charisma. Yes, these rings are a perfect emblem of elegance and romanticism. The band of this ring is made with rose gold that has tasteful sophistication along with a subtle incandescence. If you want to give her something different from white and yellow gold, rose gold is just perfect. It has the charm to make an event like your engagement classier. And if you choose among designer engagement rings, you can make her feel special just like the ring is.

Engagement rings are a symbol of a new beginning of your life. Choose a ring that is the reflection of your love and affection for your fiancé and not just valuable in terms of money.