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Have a lush and green commercial lawn all year round with these tips

One of the most attractive parts of any Perth establishment is the lawn. These days, you can see many business districts in the city that pay ample attention to their lawns. After all, having an attractive lawn boosts the kerb appeal of any commercial or residential space. That is why successful businesses tap the services of a commercial lawn maintenance Perth company to care of their lawns.



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Below are important tips to ensure you have a beautifully landscaped commercial lawn all year round:


Know which fertiliser is ideal for your lawn


If you have thick and healthy lawns, take note that these are also susceptible to weed. But, by fertilising at the right times, your grass will receive the nutrients needed for them to grow and stay lush. That is why experts in commercial lawn maintenance Perth has these days know exactly when to apply fertiliser.


Fertilise in early winter before the first freeze occurs. This will help replace the nutrients lost during the summer. Even as the soil gets colder, the fertiliser will keep feeding the grass all throughout the winter. In early spring, reapply fertiliser to boost root development. But, if you want to ensure you are applying the right fertiliser at the right time, tap the services of experts in commercial landscaping.


Keep people away from your commercial lawns


Even if the grass looks dead during the winter, it is best to avoid foot traffic. The grass may still be alive even during the winter and are susceptible to damage. To keep your lawn healthy, put up a sign for people to stay off the grass. Parking vehicles should also be discouraged to avoid killing the grass completely.


Pets should also stay away from your grass. Some have a habit of digging the soil and, as a result, may damage your grass. While being pet-friendly is important these days, keeping pets and other animals off your grass will ensure it stays lush. Simply provide areas where pets may be allowed so as to accommodate these furry companions.


Seek advice from experts


There’s nothing wrong with learning the trade especially if you also want to be hands-on when it comes to your commercial lawn. However, while your heart is in the right place, you may lack the experience and expertise that commercial lawn maintenance Perth professionals may offer. This doesn’t mean you cannot learn from them. This is the best time to learn the ropes of the trade so you will be confident in caring for your lawn.


Do not hesitate to ask questions, especially when it comes to strata tree maintenance. A curious mind is always welcome, and professionals in the field love to share their knowledge to willing learners. Have an open mind and absorb information as much as you can. Before you know it, the little piece of information you learn may also be valuable to another lawn and garden enthusiast.


These are just a few ideas you can try to ensure your commercial lawn stays lush and green all year round. Nothing beats a commercial space with an attractive lawn to lure potential clients your way. If you have trees in your lawn that need removing, it is best to talk to a property manager tree removal specialist.


How you take care of your commercial lawn speaks a lot about how you take care of your clients. Make a good first impression by ensuring your lawn is well maintained. If you want more information on property manager tree maintenance service, visit skylinelandscape.com.au and find your options.