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Want to Take Your Dog to a Family Party? Here’s How to Dress It Up

They wag their tail with happiness when you come home after work. They guard the house at night so you can get a restful sleep. And with your memories together, perhaps you’ve considered your canine pet as part of your family already. The holidays are just around the corner. And it would be great to tag them along with you when you join a family gathering. Here’s how to dress them up accordingly. Don’t worry. The right gold dog collar, headwear, and clothing will do the trick in making your furry companion a total head-turner at the event.

Make it a little classy.

Make your dogs look sophisticated and picture-perfect for the event. You can let them wear coats and tuxedos to the party. Have their fur and nails trimmed. Or you could let them wear dresses or holiday-inspired costumes. And it would be wise to bring along luxurious dog beds where they can rest as you hang out with your relatives at the venue.

Add a touch of drama.

Turn your furry friend into a total head-turner with the right choice of outfit. A pink hat or head-wear would be nice. Belly bands and skirts are also good options. Whichever type of clothing you’ve chosen for your pets, don’t forget to them wear a gold dog collar. This will add a touch of drama to their outfit. And it would make them look like a million-dollar dog.

A little formality can go a long way.

Would you be attending a relative’s wedding or birthday? If you’re planning to attend a nuptial rite, let your canine pets wear dog dresses for weddings. This outfit usually includes formal pieces, such as a tuxedo, a coat, or a dress. Keep the head-dress at a minimum. And follow the event’s color scheme. Make sure that your pets look formal so that you can include them in the photo-ops. Take a look at Bitch New York

Don’t forget to accessorize.

Accessories can take the outfit to a whole new level of elegance. A gold dog collar could give accent to your pet’s emerald green or dark blue dress. If it’s raining or snowing outside, be sure to make them wear socks or shoes. Bows, bow ties, or barrettes are also perfect accents to your male dog’s tuxedo.

Lastly, add a signature look.

A touch of quirkiness could also make your pet look picture-friendly and cute. You can let them wear dog bow ties, a pink hat, or an elaborate head-wear. With unique and cute dog jewelry or party collar, you can bring out your pets’ personality. And their presence at the party will be greatly felt and admired.

Getting your pets involved in a family gathering would be awesome. And you can make them more noticeable and cute with the right choice of outfit. By doing the tips above, you can get all the basics going. If you’re now looking for accessories and clothing to buy, you can choose from the products of Bitch New York. The company has a wealth of options when it comes to dog carriers, accessories, and clothing designed with style and pet comfort in mind.